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House at Kimironko,

House at Kimironko,

House at Kimironko,
House at Kimironko,

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House at Kimironko, N.R. A group led by a local pastor, David Duttais, began the effort in December and successfully managed to secure donations for the funeral of his wife, Nancy. But despite all the attention given to their efforts, which became an industry trend in October 2012, the funeral continued after protests broke out. On 21 January, the funeral began at a reception at the home of Kimironko native, Janekina Korangai. Before he died, the family was told by his lawyer, Mark Pritchard, that they would be allowed back into the home of a lawyer named Charles J. Cusack, who had previously had to pay for his brother’s funeral. But the family didn’t hear that news from Pritchard. In fact, the family had to pay nearly $15,000 to Cusack’s lawyer, Daniel Cusack.

In April of this year, the church held its first-ever funeral in an Orthodox community in the eastern part of Georgia, celebrating the first anniversary of the death of two teenage girls they had met through counseling in late October 2011. As of this writing, only six people have attended, and the rest have died in silence. Many of the people who attended the church believe that a funeral in the Orthodox community could become an act of genocide, in which members of an opposing political persuasion are murdered to gain influence over anyone who disagrees with them.

The funeral services began